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    A happier dog is a healthy dog!

At Doggie-Cise we strive to go above and beyond your expectations.

If making a trip home during the day doesn’t fit into your schedule, let Doggie-cise do it for you! Your dog will come to wait expectantly by the door for us!

How does it work?
  • We start with a friendly orientation session to meet your dog and define a tailored exercise regimen (click here for sample programs.)
  • Key considerations are:
    » Frequency of walks
    » Off leash time vs. on leash time (walks with no off leash time are available)
    » Group walks versus private walks
  • Off leash time takes place in a park where dogs are able to run freely and play fetch.
  • Only owner-supplied toys are introduced to prevent the spread of disease/bacteria among dogs.

What is Included?
  • Pick up of your dog(s) from a location of your choice
  • Delivery of the customized exercise program
  • Complimentary cookies and treats after each session
  • Safe return back home with a smile on your dog's face

30 min. 60 min.
1 Dog $15 $19
2 Dogs $27 $35
3 Dogs $36 $45

Avoid the worries of your pet suffering depression, boredom, cage restriction, or contracting disease while in a kennel! The safety and well being of your dog should not be on your mind during a relaxing vacation, or while you are working out of town. Whether you choose in-your-home, Doggie-cise residence or Doggie-cise kennel, your dog will be walked frequently and be loved while you are not there.

The Doggie-cise Residence:
Your dog will enjoy an out of cage stay and have the run of the Doggie-cise house. They will eat their own food, from their own bowl while receiving personal attention 24 hours a day. Dogs are walked 3 times daily (in addition to several trips to the bathroom!) Proof of up to date vaccinations is required. FREE pick up and delivery too!

April – May, September – November   January – March, June – August, December
Boarding @ Doggie-cise
First 7 Nights Thereafter
$45 / night $35 / night
Boarding @ Doggie-cise
First 7 Nights Thereafter
$48 / night $38 / night
In the mood to spoil your pooch? All spa services are 20% off while staying at the Doggie-cise residence!

"Kennel Style” Boarding
A much superior experience compared to ordinary kennels, your dog will enjoy at least 25 and up to 95 square feet of space and will not be confined to a cage. Our kennel-style approach means that “bed time” is the only appropriate time for our guests to be in a “dog run.” We believe your dog deserves a high comfort level and a standard of care unmatched by a traditional kennel stay. Kennel-style dogs are walked twice daily as well as taken to use the restroom frequently. This service includes FREE pick up and delivery.

Boarding - "Kennel Style"
First 7 Nights Thereafter
$45 / night $35 / night

In-Your-Home Dog Sitting
Your dog can feel the comfort and security of its own home when we doggie sit in your home! This program includes 3 daily visits to your home. During each visit, your dog will be walked, fed if necessary, given fresh water and pampered. Sleeping arrangements are negotiable. Please contact for quotes.

Boarding @ Your Home
Please contact for quote

* For all boarding services, receive a 15% discount for each additional dog. Additional dogs do NOT have to be owned by the same family, so please tell your friends about Doggie-cise!

Why not let your pooch enjoy a relaxing day at the Doggie Spa. We offer manicures and pedicures (nail trimming), soothing baths, thorough coat and under-coat brushing, haircuts and ear cleaning! Your dog will love you even more afterwards. FREE pick up and delivery.

"Day at the spa"
Bath, haircut, coat and undercoat brush, blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trimming
Small Dog $45
Medium Dog $60
Large Dog $75
Individual Services
Ear Cleaning $9
Nail Trimming $12
Gland Expression $20
Bath and Brush
small / med. / large
$20 / $30 / $45
* Grooming prices subject to pet size, coat condition and removal of undercoat – above prices indicate average size and good skin and coat condition.

Dogs are very social animals – they love to be surrounded by people and other dogs! The reality is that owners often succumb to the demands of a busy life. Not unlike children, dogs that face a lack of stimulation and socialization are more likely to engage in undesirable behaviours (uncontrollable over-aggressiveness, separation anxiety, laziness) and be more susceptible to preventable health issues. Our Doggie Day Care is your solution.

Dogs Receive:
  • Mental stimulation
  • Physical exercise
  • Development of social skills (and friendships!)
  • A chance to use the washroom during the day instead of holding it in!
You Receive
  • Peace of mind during the day (rest assured your loved one is being well cared for)
  • Peace of mind in the evening (he/she will not be wound up after sitting idle all day)
  • A happier and healthier pet!
  • FREE pick up and delivery


Day Care Rates
Per Day $30
10-day package $250
30-day package $700
*Day Care packages have a 1-year expiry

Let's face it; dogs can be just as busy as we are! Whether it is a veterinarian or grooming appointment, we will chaperone your dog anywhere they need to go. Doggie Taxi caters to dogs who love driving on the open road and enjoying the breeze in their face, but don’t want to disappoint owners with the after effects (saliva stains, shedding, odours!) A safe and efficient way for your dogs to travel anywhere – you save time and the mess, your dog arrives on time and in style!

Doggie Taxi
Flat rate / hour $20
+ per km $0.55

We enjoy a strong association with Brenda Hoffman the Canine Nanny : She is a remarkable lady who has been reading dog body language and behaviour for years. Please visit her site:

Free pick up and delivery within certain geographic area. Please call to verify.